Welcome to my page!

Do you know what HUMAN DESIGNYOGA and AYURVEDA have in common? It is the awareness of the diversity and uniqueness of each one of us and the awareness of the importance of contact with the body, which nowadays is often neglected and dominated by the mind.

Each of us is different. And each of us is born exactly as we are meant to be. However, during our life, we lose touch with our true nature and our inner truth – we lose touch with our body and become prisoners of our mind and the programs that govern it.

If you want to find the real you, gain back your freedom and joy of life, if you want your body to be your ally, and not your enemy, if you wish to find your inner truth, then you are in the right place. I am here to empower you on this path and show you what you can do to start truly accepting and loving yourself. I have been following this path myself for many years, and although I am still learning and making mistakes, I would love to share my knowledge and the experience I’ve gained with you.

My mission is to show others how to take care of themselves and reach their inner truth through HUMAN DESIGN, YOGA and AYURVEDA. If you would like to get to know me better and learn more about my qualifications, I invite you HERE.

You don’t have to look outside for your power – everything you need is within you.